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mosquito patch, bracelet, stickers & ban
MosQuit Leather look mosquito bracelets
Mosquit mosquito repellent Bracelets & bands
Mosquit mosquito repellent Bracelets & bands
Leather Look Mosquit mosquito repellent Bracelets
mosquit mosquito repellent clips & patches
MosQuit Leather Look mosquito bands - Brown
MosQuit Leather Look mosquito Bracelet & band


Natural Mosquito Repellent Bands, Bracelets, Patches, Stickers, Oils and everything you need to naturally repel mosquitos and other biting insects all year round


Why MosQuit

Long-lasting, stylish and waterproof mosquito protection for the whole family. 

Our Ingredients

100% Pure Essential oils such as Citronella, Peppermint, Lavender, Geranium & Geraniol. DEET Free! 

About Us

Our mosquito repellent products are safe and natural for everybody to use, even people with allergies & sensitive skin. 


We provide free shipping Australia wide with no minimum spend. 


Mosquitoes are attracted to our natural scent. Citronella oil works by masking human odours that mosquitoes find appealing. You become invisible to mosquitoes if you have pure Citronella Oil around you.

MOSQUIT’S mosquito repelling bracelets, bands, patches, stickers and clips are infused with essential oils, the main being Citronella Oil. Our products provide you with one metre of personal and stylish protection against mosquitoes. 

MOSQUIT'S stylish mosquito repellent bracelets last up to 14 days, and then can easily be re-infused with our 100% Pure Citronella Oil proven to deter mosquitoes and other biting insects. 

MosQuit Braided and Leather look mosquit

Our Patches and Stickers are lightweight and versatile to hide inside your clothing, on your skin or around you to prevent mosquitoes. Place them inside your hat to repel head lice too. 

MosQuit animal patch sticker mosquito re

Tie hair back with MOSQUIT'S Anti-Lice Hair Bands to make your hair seem inhabitable to head lice, preventing infestations. These bands can easily be re-infused with our 100% Pure Citronella Oil too.

MosQuit anti lice hair band black and Mo


Gelina, VIC

Used these in Panama where there's a warning against mosquitos and diseases. surprisingly I didn't get one bite! worked a charm! and heaps better than constantly spraying aerogard.

Daniel, NSW

These beat Aeroguard any day! Strong, smells great and good for fishing trips, highly recommend!

Mariam, NSW

The yellow repellent stickers were AMAZING. Took them overseas and used them during every activity from water rafting to sight seeing. Definitely will be be repurchasing!


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