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Green Patches/Stickers - Mosquito Repellents

Green Patches/Stickers - Mosquito Repellents


Pesky mosquitoes flying around? Use these Citronella-infused Green Patches/Stickers to keep mozzies away. They work for head lice too!


Each Patch/Sticker is infused with 100% Pure Citronella Oil to repel mosquitoes. 


Each Patch/Sticker provides up to 72 hours of protection and creates a 1 metre mosquito-free zone around you. 

    • Use

      Place the Patch/Sticker:

      • On your skin
      • Clothing
      • Bag
      • Car
      • Above the bed
    • Benefits

      • Lightweight
      • Convenient 
      • Fun
      • Provide 1 metre of mosquito protection
      • Repel head lice from laying eggs in the hair
    • Handy Tip

      Once the packet is open, keep the remaining Patches/Stickers in a snap-lock bag to maintain the scent.

    • GST

      *All prices exclude GST

    • Warning

      This product is not suitable for children under 3 years old. There is a choking hazard.

    • Available Colours

      These are all green Patches/Stickers. These are also available in all a Cartoon print. 

    • Packaging

      One sheet of six patch/sticker per bag. Shelf life of 3 years without opening.

    • Head Lice Prevention for Short Hair

      To prevent head lice for kids or adults with short hair, use MosQuit's Cartoon or Green Patches/Stickers. Place a Patch/Sticker in your hat or close to your hair (such as under your collar) to prevent lice from grabbing onto the hair and laying eggs. 

      For long hair, use MosQuit's Anti-Lice Hair Bands

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