How do I re-infuse my MosQuit Bracelets?

If you have a MosQuit Braided or Leather Look Bracelet you can re-infuse these once the scent wears off. Follow these steps for continual natural mosquito protection.


Step 1: Place your Braided or Leather Look MosQuit Bracelet into a zip lock bag.


Step 2: While wearing gloves, drop 1-2 drops of MosQuit 100% Pure Citronella Oil onto the material of the Bracelet. Securely seal the bottle of 100% Pure Citronella Oil immediately.


Step 3: Seal the bag and leave the Bracelet overnight to absorb the oils.


Step 4: Once the Bracelet is dry, you can start wearing it again.



DO NOT apply 100% Pure Citronella Oil directly to the skin. If the Oil comes in direct contact with your skin, wash your hands with warm soapy water immediately. Seek medical attention if a reaction or burn occurs from contact with the oil.

DO NOT inhale the 100% Pure Citronella Oil.

DO NOT ingest or taste the 100% Pure Citronella Oil.

DO NOT Burn 100% Pure Citronella Oil.

Take extra caution if you are pregnant or if a child is wearing the re-infused bracelet as skin can be extra sensitive.

How do I store my MosQuit Products?

Do you want to get the most out of your MosQuit Products? Follow this simple step.


Once opened, you can extend the life of your product by storing it in a zip lock bag when you are not using it.


For example, if you are going for a bushwalk and have connected your MosQuit Clip to your backpack, enjoy your mozzie free walk. Once you get home and no longer need your Clip, place it in your zip lock bag and seal it to retain the scent.


When your MosQuit product doesn’t smell anymore, it doesn’t work. Ask us for ways to replace the refill or re-infuse your products.

Are MosQuit Products safe to use during pregnancy?

Our MosQuit Clips, Slapsticks, Bracelets, Stickers and Hair Bands, straight from the packet, are safe to use during pregnancy. 


Our MosQuit 100% Pure Citronella Oil is safe to use to re-infuse MosQuit products with during pregnancy in moderation. During pregnancy the skin becomes extra sensitive and the direct application of MosQuit 100% Pure Citronella Oil onto the skin may cause burns.


We recommend using gloves and a mask when re-infusing MosQuit Braided and Leather Look Bracelets while pregnant. Also, ensure the MosQuit products you are re-infusing are dry before wearing them again. 


MosQuit 100% Pure Citronella Oil should never be applied directly to the skin of anyone, especially babies, young children or pregnant women. 

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