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Why We Should Only be Repelling Mosquitoes - Not Killing Them

Even though Mozzies are one of the deadliest species on the planet - not to mention a HUGE nascence, they play a huge role in our ecosystem and we need them to stick around. MosQuit has investigated some of the main reasons why we need still mosquitoes.

The Role Mosquitoes Play in our Ecosystem

  • Small fish and other insects feed off mosquito larvae.

  • Birds, dragonflies, and spiders can feed off large mosquitoes.

  • Mosquito larvae eat bacteria in our water, filtering and recycling the water for us.

  • When male mosquitoes consume nectar, they can help pollinate flowers.

Consequences of Killing Mosquitoes

  • Many insects and fish would lose their food sources causing a chain reaction. The whole ecosystem would be out of whack!

  • To get rid of mosquitoes, large amounts of harmful chemical sprays and pesticides would have to be spread across wide areas. This would have an adverse reaction on our health and our environment.

  • Killing off mosquitoes may kill off some other small insects too. Once they are gone, they will be gone forever and it’s a risk we cannot take.

So, What Now?

Female mosquitoes need human blood to produce fertile eggs. We want mosquitoes to bite us to reproduce – just not those of us who react to their bites! We also don’t want diseased mozzie’s biting us, because although sharing is caring – we don’t need their infectious diseases!

Protecting yourself from mosquitoes is important. MosQuit products do not harm you, the environment, or mozzies! It’s a perfect choice to do your part in preserving mosquitoes and protecting yourself against disease.

Handy Travel Tip

We recommend stocking up on natural repellents when you are traveling. Mosquitoes outside of Australia can carry diseases. While one MosQuit product will protect your body in your usual environment, when traveling, we suggest wearing two products – one on your wrist and one on your ankle. Have your MosQuit Clips, Bracelets, Patches, Sticker, and Bands on or around you, especially if you are traveling through wetland or forests.


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