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What Does DEET Free Mean?

In this day and age, we use numerous chemicals and synthetic products daily – sometimes without even knowing! At MosQuit, we promote a natural approach to life and we want to spread that word.

DEET is used in many insect and bug repellents for its long-lasting protection, but is it really good for us?

What is DEET and is it good for us?

What is DEET?

DEET is an abbreviation for Diethyl Toluamide. This synthetic chemical is a very common ingredient used in insect repellents.

DEET was developed by the United States Army in 1944 to make bombs. In 1957 it was registered as a pesticide and was available for consumer consumption. There are around 120 products registered by the NSW Environment Protection Authority containing DEET.

What is DEET and is it good for us?

Where is DEET Found?

Many insect repellents that can be applied to the skin are filled with DEET, anywhere between 4% to 100%. The amount of DEET will determine the period of protection. While small amounts of DEET are harmless, those affected by allergies or sensitive skin may find products using high amounts of DEET too harsh. Besides, why would you use chemicals unnecessarily?

What is DEET and is it good for us?

Side Effects of DEET

The two main side effects of DEET are to humans and our environment.

1. Toxic to Humans

DEET has been tested on laboratory animals and human cells. It has been shown to cause slight damage to DNA. Some Governments limit DEET concentration after reports of DEET use causing a type of brain disease called Encephalopathy.

Another human trial on pregnant women indicated evidence of traces of DEET in the children. This suggests that the chemical could cross the placental barrier. Although the majority of DEET-filled products are safe, why would we take this risk?

What is DEET and is it good for us?

2. Toxic to Our Environment

Like many chemicals, DEET harms our wildlife, water sources, and our environment. It is toxic to animals and pollutes our water.

What is DEET and is it good for us?

What DEET-Free Really Mean?

We believe in taking a DEET-free approach. MosQuit only uses 100% Pure Essential Oils in all of our products to provide a safe and natural lifestyle to our community.

 What is DEET and is it good for us? MosQuit uses essential oils.

MosQuit founder Zoe Papadopoulos knows the harsh realities of living with severe allergies. She wanted to create a safe environment for the whole family.

Read more about Citronella Oil here.

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