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Anti-Lice Hair Bands

Anti-Lice Hair Bands


Head lice outbreak at school? We have invented a preventative hairband that makes the hair seem dirty so head lice are less likely to grab on and lay their eggs. 


Each hair band is designed to hold 100% Pure Citronella to provide you with a 1 metre protective bubble for head lice and mosquitoes.


    Each band provides 250 hours of protection and can be re-infused with 100% Pure Citronella Oil once the smell wears off. 

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      • Packaging

        Each resealable packet contains 4x bands in either a black or coloured pack. Shelf life of 3 years without opening. 

      • Benefits

        The Bands are:

        • Re-usable
        • Highly durable
        • Waterproof
        • Safe for all family members
        • Great for school outbreaks of headlice 
      • Handy Tip

        Keep your hair bands in our re-sealable packaging between uses to maintain the scent, enabling it to last longer. Visit our FAQs for tips on re-infusing your bands. 

      • GST

        *All prices exclude GST

      • Warning

        This product is not suitable for children under 3 years old. There is a choking hazard.

      • Head Lice Prevention for Short Hair

        To prevent head lice for kids or adults with short hair, use MosQuit's Cartoon or Green Patches/Stickers. Place a Patch/Sticker in your hat or close to your hair (such as under your collar) to prevent lice from grabbing onto the hair and laying eggs. 

      • Further Information

        Read more about repelling Head Lice naturally here

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