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What Are Head Lice?

Like mosquitoes, head lice survive by feeding off human blood several times a day. Head lice plant themselves on the scalp and live as a family consisting of eggs (nits) and lice. Although they only have a lifespan of 35 days, they quickly reproduce, continuing the cycle.

Who Does Head Lice Affect?

Head lice can appear on adults and children without discrimination. They are not dangerous, do not carry diseases and are not a sign of poor hygiene, but they are itchy and extremely annoying.

Are Head Lice Contagious?

Head lice are highly contagious and are transferred from one head to another by crawling or swinging from hair strand to strand. Group setting such as schools and childcare centres are situations where lice will spread.

How MOSQUIT Bands Prevent Head Lice

Head lice love clean hair. MOSQUIT’S anti-lice hair bands are infused with 100% citronella oil. The essential oil repels the lice by making them think the hair is dirty and inhabitable. The lice will be less likely to branch on to the hair and lay their eggs.

Symptoms of Head Lice

An itchy scalp and crawling or tickling sensations are the main signs of head lice. The severity will depend on the sensitivity of one’s skin. Excessive scratching can also lead to a bacterial infection causing tender, crusty or oozing skin.

Signs of Head Lice

Although lice are tiny, they can be spotted by the naked eye. Adult lice are dark brown, young lice are light brown and eggs (nits) are securely attached to the hair shaft and are tiny grey-white masses.

Under the School Education Act 1999, a principal may exclude a child with head lice from school until treatment has commenced. So, to prevent kids from missing school - prevention is the key.

What if there is a head lice infestation at school?

Treating head lice is a very time-consuming task, so prevention is the key. Tips to prevent head lice infestations are:

  • Tie log hair back – using MOSQUIT’S anti-lice hair bands

  • Check your children’s hair regularly for signs of eggs (nits) or lice

  • Avoid sharing hair brushes or combs and sterilise brushes between uses

  • Place a MOSQUIT patch or sticker inside your child’s hat at school further emitting the citronella oil smell to repel lice

  • Remind your kids to avoid head to head contact with other kids

More about MOSQUIT’S anti-lice hair bands

MOSQUIT'S anti-lice hair bands are available in a black or coloured pack of four bands.

Each packet is releasable, allowing you to take one band out while keeping the others fresh for later use.

The bands are infused with 100% Pure Citronella Oil and will last up to 250 hours out of the packet.

When the smell of the citronella oil wears off the bands, they no longer work. You can re-infuse them yourself with MOSQUIT’S citronella oil. Visit the FAQs for instructions on how to re-infuse your bands.

Note the bands also work for repelling mosquitoes.

MOSQUIT has everything you need to repel mosquitoes and head lice all year round.


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