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Are you always the one who cannot enjoy a summer BBQ or day at the beach without swatting the air violently, but still managing to leave covered in mosquito bites? MOSQUIT has investigated why mosquitoes are attracted to some people and not others.

Swarm of mosquitoes in a field that MosQ

What Are Mosquitoes?

Apart from annoying, mosquitoes play a very important role within our environment. Mosquito larvae provide food and vital nutrients for aquatic creatures, while birds, bats and spiders eat adult mosquitoes.

Female mosqutio biting arm that MosQuit

Why Do Mosquitoes Bite?

Female mosquitoes are the ones who bite, as they need human blood to develop fertile eggs. Male mosquitoes are harmless to humans and feed off flower nectar. 


The mosquito has a mouthpart called a proboscis, which resembles a needle. She uses it to pierce your skin and probe around until she finds a capillary to suck your blood from. This is the point where she can transmit diseases directly into your bloodstream.


She also injects some of her own saliva, which stops your blood from clotting. This leaves an insanely itchy bite. Everyone reacts differently to mosquito bites. At best it can be red and itchy, at worst it could develop into a big welt or transmit serious diseases.

MosQuit live mosquito

Why Mosquitoes Are Attracted to Some People and Not Others?

Humans are big, slow and smelly beasts. New research has found that mosquitoes are attracted to the different smells humans emit. These odours can trigger mosquitoes' sense of smell, luring them to land on unsuspecting victims.


The human smells that mosquitoes are most attracted to are;

  1. Carbon Dioxide

  2. Body Odour

  3. Secretions

  4. Blood Type

  5. Lactic Acid


Researchers are yet to determine what combination of these smells mosquitoes are most attracted to. What we do know is genetics account for 85% of our susceptivity to mosquito bites.

MosQuit cartoon mosquito

So How Do We Protect Ourselves from Mosquito Bites?

  1. Disguise your scent with MOSQUIT bracelets, bands, clips, patches or stickers which use 100% citronella oil to make you invisible to mosquitoes

  2. Keep covered

  3. Avoid locations highly populated with mosquitoes such as swampy, wooded or shaded areas

  4. Avoid going outdoors early mornings and late nights


MOSQUIT has everything you need to repel mosquitoes & head lice all year round.

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